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Go Paperless

CondoCafe Certificates is a paperless, pay-per-use solution that automates the purchase and delivery of status certificates and other publicly available documents. Buyers, real estate agents and attorneys can search for units, place an order, pay online and download necessary paperwork anytime, anywhere.

Easy Ordering

Place your order online and complete the process in less than two minutes.

Automated Approval

Receive an instant notification as soon as your documents are available.

No Additional Costs

Copy or forward your downloads as needed, eliminating expenses.

Save Time

With CondoCafe, it's easy and convenient to choose your desired condo, then order and receive condo certificates, it's a quick and hassle-free process for property managers

No Certified Cheque
No Courier Cost
Quick & Easy
Instant Notification
Easily Forward/Copy

Get Started

CondoCafe is an online service platform that empowers your association management organization to provide necessary real-time access to updated financial information, document processing, ownership details and more without compromising security. Accurate electronic records eliminate the costs associated with filing, photocopying and storage. CondoCafe adapts to your organization. Use only the features you need.

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