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Registration & Login

You can browse CondoCafe available condo units as often as you like without ever registering. When you are ready to apply for a Status Certificate for a particular condo unit in the requested property, you will then need to register. Information collected during the registration process will only be forwarded to the properties you are applying to, not shared with third-party vendors.
With a CondoCafe account you can easily apply to your favorite condo communities, keep track of your requests and make updates to your account.
While we have tried to make our registration process as simple and straight-forward as possible, please don’t hesitate to call us at (855) 863-4543 if you still need any additional assistance.
Forgotten passwords for registered users can be retrieved by using the Forgot Your Password? link on the Login page. Follow the instructions displayed after clicking on this link to reset your password.
You have the option to select another Captcha code (by clicking the top blue button on the right of the code) or by having the code read aloud to you.
Log into CondoCafe and navigate to the My Profile tab.  Click on the Change Password link and enter in the new password/confirm password information. Click the Update button to save the new password.
Log into CondoCafe and navigate to the My Profile tab. On this page you can update your profile details i.e. e-mail address, address and phone number.  Ensure that your email address is correct as this is where most communication is received when ordering Status Certificates. Select the Update button to save your changes.

Certificates Search

CondoCafe provides an Advanced Search option to allow you to be specific when looking for a property. If you are not finding your property when you search, you may need to broaden your search criteria and reduce some of the options you are looking for.  For example: If you are searching for address ‘1239 Marlborough Avenue’ – try entering just ‘123’ in the Enter Property Name or Address search field. You will get more results when using less as search criteria. When performing a search for a property, you need to type something (for example at least one letter like ‘a’ in the Enter Property Name or Address search field), before selecting the SEARCH button to get any results.
CondoCafe offers many condo community results currently in Ontario! However, there are still some properties that are not yet activated within CondoCafe. We apologize if some of those units or properties are in the area you are searching for. We are continually adding new properties and hope you will continue to check back regularly.  If you are not able to find the property on CondoCafe, please contact their Property Manager directly.
Once you have selected the desired property, you will then need to register for an account with CondoCafe. Follow the steps on the screens to complete the process of purchasing the Status Certificate using a valid credit card.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express. (Visa Debit or other Debit type cards are not currently accepted)
When you make payment upon placement of an order, there is a period of up to 10 calendar days (unless you have selected the Expedited Delivery Option at the time of purchase), for processing before CondoCafe delivers information to you via email that your certificate is ready for download. To determine the estimated delivery date of your order, please review the My Orders screen and reference the invoice number provided in your order confirmation.

My Orders

CondoCafe has flagged your order as unsuccessful because the purchase process was not completed for some reason.  It may be due to having the payment screen closed by accident or the credit card payment transaction failing.  If you see a Payment Failed status, then you will need to log back into CondoCafe and start the order process over again for that unit.  Once the order has been completed successfully, you should receive a confirmation stating this along with the invoice number being displayed. You should always make note of this invoice number. Once the credit card transaction has been completed, you should then receive notification to the email address registered to your account, stating that your order has been received.  The status to your order will then be changed to Placed.
If you have not yet received notification of your order at all and think you should have by now, log into CondoCafe and visit the relevant order summary on My Orders page. Here, you'll find updated availability information, with expected delivery dates.  You can call us at (855) 863-4543 to request additional support in this, if required.
Did you receive a confirmation screen after the Make Payment was selected?  If not, then your order was not processed successfully and you will need to log back into CondoCafe and start the order process over again.  Make sure that you enter all the required fields in the Credit Card Payment Information screen.  Did you print the confirmation? – This is recommended so you have a copy for your records and proof-of-purchase.
The Cancel option is for orders that need to be canceled on the same day they were placed. Orders with a “Placed” status (where processing has not yet started) can be canceled before 7:00 pm (Eastern Time) on the same day the order was placed and the credit card used when placing the order will not be charged. To cancel an order after processing has already started or after 7:00 pm (Eastern Time), you must contact the Property Manager or Property Management Head Office for the property for which the order was placed.
On Personal Computer Browsers
  • Google Chrome
    Go to the three-dot menu at the upper-right of Chrome > select Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data > Advanced > select All time for the Time Range > Clear data.
  • Microsoft Edge
    Go to the three-dot menu at the upper-right of Microsoft Edge > select Settings > select Privacy, search, and services; scroll down page and select Clear Browsing data > click the Choose what to clear button > select All time for the Time Range > Clear now.
  • Safari
    Click History located on top of menu bar of Safari > select Clear History > then in the pop-up, pick a timeframe for how far back you want to erase.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    Go to the hamburger menu at the upper-right of Firefox > select Settings > Privacy & Security > scroll down to get to History > select Clear History > set Time range to clear to: Everything > OK.
On Mobile Browsers
  • Google Chrome
    Go to the three-dot menu, select History > Clear browsing data.
  • Safari
    On the iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Safari > Clear History & Website Data.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    iOS: Tap the hamburger menu at the bottom-right > select History > select Clear Recent History > select Everything.
    iOS (iPad): Tap the hamburger menu at the upper-right > select History > select Clear Recent History > select Everything.
    Android: Tap the three-dot menu at upper-right > select History > click Clear browser history or click the menu and go to Settings > Privacy and Security, select “Delete browsing data on quit” to get the option to clear the private data of your choice every time you quit the browser.

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